Optimal Versatility and Outstanding Results

Portrait® offers four protocols – PSR 1, 2, 3, and 2/3 combination — based on the severity of sun damage, wrinkles and patient expectations. Results are excellent for each protocol with incremental improvement as the energy level increases. Recovery time following a Portrait® treatment is very different from other procedures. It is called Restoration and is defined by the new healthier skin progressively replacing the old photodamaged skin. With Portrait® Restoration there is dramatic, early improvement in skin quality and removal of dyschromia and benign skin lesions. Restoration time also increases with the energy level; overall it is significantly shorter than other treatments and post-treatment care is easier.

Following the Restoration period, Portrait® plasma treated skin continues to regenerate the reticular architecture of the upper dermis and DE junction. Intense fibroblast activity leading to collagen thickening as well as improvement in elastin continues for up to one year. Portrait® Plasma Regeneration provides sustainable improvements in wrinkles, enhanced by a natural, tighter, more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Portrait® PSR1

  • three single-pass low-energy treatments – 1 to 1.5J – three or four weeks apart
  • ideal for fine to mild wrinkling and limited sun damage
  • 2 to 3 days of recovery time, up to 5 or 7 days of some flaking and mild erythema

Portrait® PSR2

  • one single-pass treatment at high energy level – 3 to 4J
  • for moderate levels of wrinkles and elastosis without prominent perioral or periorbital rhytides and significant sun damage
  • recovery time can last 7 to 10 days
  • mild erythema may last up to 30 days

Portrait® PSR3

  • single session treatment with double pass on full face or regional areas at high energy – 3 to 4J
  • for more generalized moderate to severe wrinkles and elastosis
  • recovery time may extend to 10 days
  • mild to moderate erythema may last up to 30 days

Portrait® PSR2/3 Combination

  • single session treatment
  • high energy – 3 to 4J – single pass full face with a second pass on deep wrinkles
  • recovery time may extend to 10 days
  • mild to moderate erythema may last up to 30 days
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