for Physicians

The Science of PSR³

Extensive research confirms unparalleled range of effects Day 0 through 1 year

  Proven technology backed by:

One year clinical histology
350+ clinical study treatments
5 years technology development
3 years pre-clinical & clinical testing

1 Year histology shows continuing neocollagenesis and healthier skin

From superficial epidermal to deeper dermal treatment, Portrait® PSR³ yields the therapeutic results patients and physicians desire with an optimized recovery profile.

  • Low morbidity, erythema and recovery time
  • Continuing regenerative process producing sustainable improvements in photodamage
  • Progressive replacement of old thermally modified architecture by new architecture
  • Regenerated reticular architecture of the upper dermis and DE junction
  • Fibroblasts from deeper dermis migrate to support improvement of skin’s architecture and surface
  • Restoration of more normal mechanical and physiological functions of the dermis

Unique thermal profile distinguishes new plasma technology

  • Non-contact millisecond pulses of nitrogen plasma energy
  • Non-chromophore dependent energy absorption
  • Uniform, predictable, non-disruptive impact
  • Unique skin surface microenvironment
    • Epidermis and stratum corneum intact at time of treatment
    • No wound created, epidermal vaporization or charring
    • Intact epithelium immediately post treatment protects and speeds healing
  • Conduction of thermal energy into dermis
  • Vacuolation of epidermis acts as insulator at high energy
  • Easy to feather treatment areas
  • No scarring or hypopigmentation in clinical studies to date

Learn more about Plasma Skin Regeneration

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